City Center tour
Palma is a friendly, cultural and accessible city. Arranged like a fan in front of the sea with touches of all the cultures which have been living there.

We will visit the Bellver castle (one of Europe’s limited round castles), the historical part and the heart of the city, the cathedral (an architectural masterpiece which reveals all the history of majorcan art, from gothic until the recently performed Works from Miquel Barceló) and the bullring (among the most beautiful buildings in this category from Spain).

Length: Approx 2h. 30m.
Palma, friendly, cultural and accessible city

Castillo de Bellver

North of the Island tour
Protected by the Tramuntana mountain range, the north coast invites you to discover immaculate coves and villages and to relax. We will visit:

Valldemossa: Town with narrow and steep streets full of workshops and handicrafts shops. The most popular attraction is the charterhouse (Cartuja 15th century), home of the town museum, and for decades, refuge for distinguished people for example, George Sand and Frédéric Chopin. The old rooms can be visited.

Sa Foradada: Peninsula of the Tramuntana mountain range. It's called after the hole it has (you can see it from different places of the mountain range) which offers a spectacular view.

Deià: Located among olive trees, the beauty of its landscape, its amiable, simple and economical life enthralled the interest of artists and bohemians by the end of the 19th century and some of them decided to stay there for the rest of their lives.

Sóller: it lays on big fertile bowl shaped valley, well known by its orange and ancient olive trees. It owns a wonderful natural harbor (Puerto de Sóller) one of the limited shelters for sailors on the north of the island.

Length: Approx. 4 h.
Sa Foradada

Sóller square

Sóller's valley

Excursion to the caves
Located on the Eastern coast of Majorca, the Drach caves are one of the main touristic attractions, and without a doubt, one of the most outstanding caves on the island. Its extension is about 2.400 meters and the depth of about 25 meters on the maximal point down the surface. Inside we will find the “lake Martel”, considered one of the biggest underground lakes in the world, with 177 meters Length and 30 meters Width, where everyday concerts of classical music from Caballero, Chopin and Offenbach among others are offered.

We also will visit Porto Cristo, a place with a wonderful landscape and one of the few towns without hotels near the sea of the island of Majorca. It’s a place full of local color with a sea harbor which still owns a small traditional fishing fleet.

To finish the tour we will visit our well known pearl factory.

Length: Approx. 4 h.
Coves del Drach.

Pearls from Mallorca.

Tailor-made tour
You can also plan your own tour. Simply tell us your route in the comments of your booking.

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